Elevating Asset Centric Service Management: Programmed Facility Management's Success

Witness how Programmed’s strategic implementation of the Loc8 Service Provider edition enabled the seamless integration of asset, maintenance, and job management activities, specifically tailored to meet the rigorous demands of their major service contract with Housing NZ, the New Zealand government’s public housing authority.

About Programmed Facility Management

As an operating subsidiary of Australian publicly listed company Programmed Maintenance Services Ltd, Programmed Facility Management (“Programmed”) is renowned for being a well-established leading provider of property services and facility management expertise. In addition to a range of other specialisations, service delivery is maintained to more than 7,000 customers via an extensive network of 100+ branch and office locations across Australia and New Zealand.

Programmed is a major employer directly responsible for more than 10,000 skilled & semi-skilled staff and tradespeople. Its dedicated teams are employed across a broad range of government and private sector industries, supplying services for the housing, infrastructure, resources and commercial/retail facilities markets.

With a varied client base, Programmed justifiably prides itself on consistently exceeding its customers’ highest service delivery expectations. The company consistently satisfies a range of exacting technical and legislative requirements to support its clients’ requirements.

The Challenge

Programmed sought to expand its successful business into new markets. With this aim in mind, the company tendered for a major service contract with Housing NZ, the New Zealand government’s public housing authority. Housing NZ has responsibility for over 60,000 residential dwelling assets under its management and we maintain 15,000 of them. As a consequence, the government authority requires its contractors to incorporate a strong asset-centric focus into their facilities management and service delivery propositions.

Programmed already had well-established job control processes in place. However, to ensure that Housing NZ’s exacting contractual requirements would be met, the team at Programmed sought a robust and comprehensive platform that would seamlessly integrate the business’ asset, maintenance and job management activities.

“Compared with other service contracts of similar size and scope, Loc8 has empowered Programmed to consistently achieve savings of $65,000 per month in staff administration costs alone.”

Brian Moreland, the GM of Programmed FM in New Zealand

The Solution

Programmed viewed the Loc8 platform as a key marketplace differentiator.

For the Housing NZ contract tender, Loc8’s Service Provider edition was ideal. While being an assetcentric maintenance and mobile field service platform, it has the unique ability to seamlessly integrate operational workflows across the Asset Owner – Service Provider – Subcontractor – Technician business chain, by means of an intelligent and easily configured workflow engine.

For Programmed, this unique asset-driven business chain ‘ecosystem’ empowered the company to present Housing NZ with a compelling, costeffective solution for their asset maintenance and service requirements.

Combining in-built mapping and tracking features, Programmed and its subcontractors can closely match their field service personnel to customers’ job needs. Both reactive and scheduled preventive maintenance tasks are able to be digitally documented, efficiently actioned and resolved within Programmed’s SLA timeframes.

Programmed’s compelling business case convinced Housing NZ to accept the company’s tender, and their Loc8-based management solution has been implemented across all of the New Zealand authority’s public housing assets.

The Benefits

With the Loc8 Service Provider edition, Programmed’s management & staff, their asset-owning customers and the company’s subcontractors benefit from a range key advantages. These include:

  • A comprehensive register of all assets and facilities under management, with accurate and timely asset data available at all times.
  • A closed-loop asset-centric maintenance system enabling full review of faults, incidents and maintenance histories.
  • Real-time customer visibility and configurable automatic update messaging via custom website portals, email and SMS.
  • Subcontractor / technician insight over asset data, reactive & scheduled maintenance work orders, tasks & sub-tasks, and field service reports.
  • Efficient, around-the-clock job allocation and work order dispatch to the right technician, at the right location, every time.
  • Mapping & spatial data capabilities (incorporating GPS tracking) with the ability to plot historical and future service activities, plus real-time resource locations.
  • Service Level Agreement compliance monitoring and notification of potential issues.
  • Configurable tasks & sub-tasks via Loc8’s smartphone mobile applications.
  • Secure audit trails of actioned maintenance tasks.
  • Quick and simple monitoring of regulatory compliance obligations.
  • Expedited reporting available for both internal managerial use and customer review.

Use Loc8 to Exceed Customer Expectations

Impeccable service delivery. Reliability. Understanding customers’ needs. Adding value to relationships.

These are just some of the hallmarks of Programmed’s success. They are also what makes Loc8 stand out. With the highly configurable Loc8 Service Provider edition, Programmed is empowered to add real value and deepen working relationships with their asset-owning clients, such as the Housing NZ public housing authority.

The Loc8 platform draws on the best available practices and functionality, resulting in a powerful asset-centric maintenance and field service solution designed for professional service providers.

Housing NZ (along with other asset owners) particularly appreciates the visibility over their assets afforded to them by Loc8’s user-friendly, web-based customer portal interface. For Programmed, customer satisfaction is high, monthly business administration costs have dropped, and the company confidently seeks new opportunities in the knowledge that they have a proven, asset-centric service management solution.

The Loc8 Service Provider edition is the next step in the evolution of end-to-end asset maintenance and fieldwork management solutions for service professionals.

Loc8 is delighted to have the opportunity of working with Programmed, its subcontractors and technicians to deliver outstanding asset-centric customer service.

For more information about Programmed Maintenance Services Ltd, visit programmed.com.au.

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