Efficient Facility Maintenance

Learn how Sacred Heart Mission, a charitable organization providing crucial support to disadvantaged individuals, optimized its facility maintenance operations using Loc8's robust cloud-based solution.

About Sacred Heart Mission

Sacred Heart Mission is a charitable not for profit organisation that provides services to those in the community who experience homelessness and significant disadvantage by offering shelter, food and other support services.

The Challenge

Sacred Heart Mission runs 13 Opportunity Shops, 5 offices, a Dining Hall providing free meals to their clients supported by a commercial kitchen, an aged care facility and 14 independent living units. These all require regular and planned maintenance to keep them in optimal shape to continue supporting the community. Without a solution like Loc8, it would be a difficult, nearly impossible task to raise, track and complete the work necessary to maintain these facilities to a high standard.

“The Introduction of Loc8 has enabled the control of the preventative maintenance required for building compliance across multiple sites”

Peter Gow-Hills

The Solution

Sacred Heart Mission first adopted the Loc8 platform nearly a decade ago on a now deprecated edition of the software. Since then, they have upgraded to the latest version of Loc8 cloud solution. The original implementation in the early days was to capture, manage and record reactive maintenance work required. Utilising both Loc8’s easy to use interface as well as a custom webform, the solution has made it easy to log and carry out reactive works. Since the original implementation, the usage of the platform has expanded to also include preventative maintenance to automatically create and manage planned works. They are also looking at expanding their use of the platform for other Asset Management purposes.

One of the key benefits to the Sacred Heart Mission team is the ability to report on unserviceable facilities or assets and ability to generate maintenance reports for a better top down view of maintenance activity and expenses across the organization.

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