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Job Management
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Customer Engagement
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Workforce and Access
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Reporting and Exporting
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Apps / Integrations
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Onboarding and Support
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Schedule and Assign JobsSchedule and assign jobs to your workforce, including optional trade, certification and regional matching. Structure your jobs with tasks, or keep them simple with just a description. Once completed, it's just one click to invoice.
AppointmentsAssign and dispatch jobs to your workforce via appointments, with optional notifications sent to your customer regarding attendance and resolution.
CalendarView, schedule and reschedule all active appointments in daily, weekly, monthly or assignee views.
MapView all jobs on a map.
TasksWhen you create a job you can detail the activities to be performed via tasks and sub-tasks. Add comments, photos and outcomes against individual tasks for review and invoicing.
Task LibraryDefine a comprehensive library of tasks that you regularly perform, including default charge rates, sub-tasks, trade requirements and more. Easily select from the library when adding tasks to any job or quote.
Inventory LibraryDefine a comprehensive library of inventory items that you regularly use when carrying out work for your customers. Easily record inventory used on each job from the library.
Multiple AssigneesAssign your jobs to more than one person at a time, including mixed assignment such as one supervisor, one contractor, and one internal technician.
Priority and Service LevelsDefine start by and due by dates for jobs, and set service level warnings and notifications to ensure you complete work inline with standing agreements with your customers.
Follow-on JobsCreate a follow-on job from an existing job in order to split out remaining tasks, divvy up responsibilities, or simply close off a job whilst retaining follow up activities for a later date.
ProjectsAssociate multiple jobs together under a single project in order to define broader time lines and logical groupings of work.

Seamless Onboarding and Dedicated Support to Elevate Your Loc8 Experience

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Import tools

Effortlessly migrate your data with our user-friendly import tools.

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Chat Based Support

Connect with our support team instantly via chat for real-time assistance.

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Account Manager

Enjoy personalized guidance and support from your assigned account manager.

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Knowledge Base

Access a wealth of resources in our knowledge base for self-help and guidance.

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Ticketed Support

Streamline issue resolution through our efficient ticketing system.

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24×7 Support*

Round-the-clock support ensures assistance whenever you need it.

*Optional Add-on

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