Optimizing Rail Asset Management: Loc8 Empowers Multinational Resources Corporation's Iron Ore Supply Chain in Australia

Discover the remarkable transformation facilitated by Loc8 for a distinguished multinational resources corporation, a leader in the mining industry, operating across 25 countries with a robust presence in Melbourne and London.

About our Customer

Our customer is a diversified, multinational resources corporation, with headquarters in Melbourne and London. Considered to be the world’s leading resources company based on revenues generated, it retains a wide variety of mining and processing operations in 25 countries.

A core activity of our customer is large-scale mining and transportation of iron ore in the remote Pilbara region of north Western Australia.

The Challenge

Our customer needed an efficient software solution that could reliably record and control the thousands of locomotive and ore car assets managed through its state-of-the-art Ore Car and locomotive shops in Port Hedland, Australia.

In addition to this demanding requirement, the software solution also had to perform a vital damage management function, to ensure that our customer’s rolling stock items are promptly returned to traffic after attention by its skilled technical workforce.

The Solution

Loc8’s asset & fault management software package is tailored to the needs of rail operators. Through successful integration with existing software the Loc8 rail-specific configuration was the right solution to meet our customer’s rigorous requirements.

The Result

Each of the iron ore cars of our customer comprises 53 individual components. With the added complexity of more than 100 state-of-the-art locomotives to manage, Loc8 enables the multinational to efficiently monitor, assess, repair and service almost 400,000 measurable assets and components, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Loc8 in Action

Our customer’s dedicated, heavy duty rail network in north Western Australia is a vital component in its vertically integrated, Australian iron ore supply chain. Some of the world’s longest and heaviest trains are under its direct control, operating continuously around-the-clock, 24/7/365 in the harsh Australian outback.

How then to resolve the daunting challenge of keeping each of its 126 tonne capacity ore cars, not to mention its multi-million dollar locomotives, in peak running condition in order to optimise availability, reduce out-of-traffic dwell times and maximise revenue generation?

After a thorough tendering and selection process, Loc8 was chosen to implement its Loc8 Enterprise edition with intelligent asset and damage management features. The Loc8 solution was seamlessly integrated with existing rail management software, including Rail Historian, resulting in an uninterrupted flow of critical data for technicians, supervisors and managers.

Tangible Benefits

Following an exhaustive testing process, the Loc8 solution has provided:

  • Intuitive and extensive component tracking & asset lifecycle management;
  • Responsive and effective monitoring, reporting and actioning of asset specific damage items;
  • Customisable statistical report generation, for proactive management of individual ore wagons;
  • Process efficiencies and productivity improvements;
  • Reduced asset downtime and greater revenue generation.

Achieving continuous productivity improvements in a dynamic industry, such as heavy haulage of iron ore, is an ongoing challenge. We are proud to assist this major multinational in meeting this challenge, with the Loc8 solution successfully producing tangible long-term benefits.

Loc8 for rail owners, operators and service providers

Building on the experience gained working with our customer and other rail operators, Loc8 has configured a vertically focussed, industry specific rail asset management solution: Loc8.

Leveraging the best practices and functionalities available, Loc8 is configured to address the unique requirements of rail asset owners, operators and service providers. The result is a powerful, cost effective product that is used by customers to facilitate the sustainable maintenance and management of assets.

The Loc8 solution offers a range of powerful asset-centric preventive & reactive maintenance management tools, with a closed-loop mobility solution for remote in-field use. Loc8’s specialist rail operations team provides a product that is particularly tailored to the complexities and technicalities encountered by rail asset enterprises.

Real world operational and strategic benefits

The solution has helped rail industry organisations with:

  • Rail asset lifecycle management, including comprehensive component tracking using RFID.
  • Preventive & reactive maintenance of infrastructure items and rolling stock.
  • Fault management & tracking, through to resolution.
  • Safety and maintenance audits.
  • Intuitive work scheduling and mobile resource management.
  • Real-time, remote job dispatch to in-field technicians & engineers.
  • Class leading mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, for field use.
  • Historical failure reports and proactive alerting across the asset maintenance lifecycle.
  • Use of detailed statistical reporting for network optimisation.
  • Complimentary integration with existing enterprise systems, such as SAP and Oracle.

Increased efficiency, utilisation and profitability.

With Loc8’s tailored rail management solution, industry enterprises can gain profit uplift through increased operational efficiencies and improved utilisation of revenue-earning assets. The Loc8 solution offers:

  • Effective cost control of assets under management.
  • Intuitive management of preventive & reactive maintenance for rolling stock, track, signals, level crossing protection, civil structures and other infrastructure items.
  • Overall visibility of network assets, allowing system wide fault control, damage analysis and proactive delay management.
  • In-field technician mobility and real-time remote work order dispatch.
  • Tracking of locomotives, wagons & carriages and their components (e.g: wheelsets, brake assemblies, engine components, etc).
  • Integration with other enterprise software systems and data sources, such SAP, Oracle and specialist rail management products.
  • Class-leading iOS and Android mobile applications.

Loc8 heralds a much needed revolution in the rail industry, through Loc8’s Service Supply ChainTM model. A vision for the future, the Service Supply ChainTM encapsulates a seamless platform of fully integrated, comprehensive digital solutions encompassing asset lifecycle, maintenance, fault service and mobile workforce management tasks.

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