Elevating Parking Management Efficiency

Explore how Peritech, tasked with managing a substantial contract with the City of Melbourne, leveraged Loc8's cutting-edge capabilities to integrate seamlessly with the client's intricate Mulesoft-based system, ensuring a live link with their maintenance operations.

About Peritech

Peritech is an industry leading parking equipment provider and maintenance organisation that works together with local councils, parking providers and other parking asset owners to supply and maintain parking machinery. With over 500 meters under management and 36,000 jobs since 2019, Peritech and Loc8 have worked together to deliver an exceptional experience for the customer.

The Challenge

Peritech needed an asset centric job management solution that would help them deliver a contract with the City of Melbourne to manage a large number of parking meters around the city. Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia and the capital of the state of Victoria. One of the challenges that needed to be met was the ability to integrate directly with the client’s Mulesoft based system to provide a live link with the maintenance system. There were also requirements around KPIs, automated notifications and speed of delivery which was critical to satisfy the contract.

“Loc8 has been such a big help that Peritech have been able to keep their KPI at 99.8% since Loc8 was implemented”

Louie Huang (Technical Manager at Peritech)

The Solution

Loc8 provided Peritech with an easy to configure, off the shelf solution to be able to deliver the requirements in the contract with the customer. Using Loc8’s robust API abilities, Peritech was able to integrate easily with the client systems to create a connected environment to be able to perform the contracted duties. The Loc8 software provided advanced asset, job and workforce management all in an easy to use platform. The adoption of the Loc8 solution has seen Peritech’s KPI abilities improve by over 15% to deliver an impressive KPI score of 99.8% since implementation.
Combined with Loc8’s advanced automation engine which allows Peritech to notify their technicians that a job has been received so they are able to pick it up on a next available basis. This has helped reduce the administrative time required to allocate jobs and to make sure that jobs are attended to efficiently and with minimal time delay.
The result is an outstanding end customer experience and an effective, efficient execution of the contract. Peritech hopes to use Loc8 further in other contracts as a company wide Asset and Job management solution.

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