Revolutionizing Lab Equipment Maintenance

Explore how King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) streamlined their lab equipment maintenance with Loc8's powerful yet user-friendly solution. KAUST, situated in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, faced the challenge of managing a wide range of assets across their expansive campus. Discover how Loc8's asset-focused job management solution facilitated exceptional transparency, safety, and efficiency in KAUST's lab equipment maintenance practices.

Total Assets

About King Abdullah University of Science & Technology

Located in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, and created in 2009, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is a private research university that provides research and graduate training programs. With a campus of 36 square kilometres, KAUST’s main assets are spread between its marine sanctuary, museum and research facilities.

The Challenge

KAUST’s Lab Equipment Maintenance (LEM) team was looking for a solution that was both powerful and user friendly in order to manage their labs and equipment. Having used Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and data management programs in the past, KAUST required a more robust and configurable, yet easy to use solution for their lab managers, professors and engineers. Each lab has a considerable number of assets that need to be maintained on a regular basis. Additionally, the LEM team sometimes has needs to generate and manage ad-hoc reactive jobs.

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology has a total of assets worth over 1 billion dollars making the maintenance process a fundamental aspect of their business operations.

The Solution

Loc8 provided KAUST’s LEM team with a simple and effective, but powerful solution that allowed them to provide exceptional customer experience as well as providing a dynamic new methodology into the maintenance space. Thanks to Loc8’s asset focused job management solution, KAUST now effectively manages their labs and equipment. The university can now also provide their lab owners with real-time visibility over the multiple jobs and maintenance cycles of each asset reinforcing transparency.

The Result

With Loc8, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology has now managed to set a comprehensive and solid structure of assets enabling a much safer and thorough maintenance process.

A very advanced yet intuitive technology

The Loc8 system provides its users with some of the most advanced features that are nowadays vital to effectively manage assets of all types. However, the technologic advancement offered by the Loc8 platform doesn’t alter its well-known ease of use. The change in software provider experienced by KAUST was mostly due to the complexity and time consuming nature of the previous platform.

The solution introduced by Loc8 for KAUST was not IT driven and focused on the end user; non-neglectable element since the Lab Equipment Maintenance team is mostly constituted with professors and engineers. It was then essential for these non-tech-savvy users to be able to navigate their way around the system rapidly without any training required.

Gather, streamline and comprehend

With just over 25,000 assets to manage and maintain all year round, implementing a solution like Loc8 was for KAUST the best way to provide its Lab Equipment Maintenance team with the great level of safety and control that they needed.

Additionally, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology benefited from some of Loc8’s innovative functionally such as customer portal to provide a higher degree of transparency to their lab owners.

Overall, the Loc8 powered solution has enabled KAUST to streamline their asset management requirements via an improved maintenance process. Consequently, the Lab Equipment Maintenance team can now optimise their time more efficiently and effectively manage their asset lifecycles via a fully integrated, connected platform.

“Loc8 is a visually pleasing and highly intuitive tool. The built-in functionalities allow us to run our operations efficiently. The system is fast, stable, downtime is near nonexistent.”

Nicolas Lemée, Business Intelligence Project Lead.

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