Revolutionizing Global Studio Management at Pinewood Studios Group with Loc8

Delve into the remarkable outcomes of Pinewood's collaboration with Loc8, resulting in a live Asset Register Database, enhanced asset lifecycle management, and a strategic facilities maintenance framework, solidifying Pinewood's reputation as a global industry leader in film and television production.

About Pinewood Studios Group

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, the Pinewood Studios Group (“Pinewood”) has an impressive heritage in the film & television industries, being one of the world’s leading providers of studio and related services.

Synonymous with world class British and international productions, Pinewood’s studios continue to be the ‘heart-&-soul’ of many of the most successful feature films and TV shows ever made.

With UK operations centred on the historic film & TV studios at Pinewood, Shepperton and Teddington, the Pinewood Studios Group is now a global business encompassing a portfolio of modern, high-quality production facilities around the world.

The Challenge

The Pinewood Studios Group justifiably prides itself on consistently providing premium quality film & TV production facilities and services.

To accommodate ever-increasing demand, the Group has embarked on a major expansion of its key Pinewood studio facilities, an expansion which will almost double the studio’s current capacity.

As Pinewood’s customers work to strict time and budget constraints, they justifiably expect the Group’s production facilities and associated services to be of the highest quality.

As Pinewood’s customers work to strict time and budget constraints, they justifiably expect the Group’s production facilities and associated services to be of the highest quality.

For Pinewood, this expectation translates into consistently maintaining tight control over the Group’s extensive array of global assets, thereby ensuring they are in peak condition at all times.

Being mindful of the need to retain the highest standards of asset availability, Pinewood sought to streamline and centralize its global facilities’ reactive & preventive maintenance management processes.

In turn, this would see job turnaround times reduced; time-consuming paper-based and radio communication systems eliminated; detailed user / asset / job histories produced; costs minimised; and customer satisfaction maximised.

In short, Pinewood required a robust asset-centric facility management system to ensure that their studios were well placed to capitalise on new production opportunities.

The Solution

Loc8’s unique ability to combine an asset focus with facilities and job management functionality in one central platform, means that a tightly integrated chain of information can be passed back & forth between asset owners, service providers, contractors/subcontractors and field technicians.

Its configurable and intuitive process workflows have enabled Pinewood’s formerly disparate operational teams to now function as one integrated team.

With Loc8, Pinewood could take advantage of realtime visibility over its worldwide business assets, its unresolved facility incidents, work order job statuses and maintenance histories.

The ability for automated alerts and messages facilitates efficient job management and liaison with field service technicians and internal customers.

Last but not least, Loc8 provided Pinewood with a best-of-breed facilities maintenance function enabling the Group to differentiate their already world-class product and service offering, and enhance their globally-recognised brand.

The Result

  • A live Asset Register Database, enabling the adoption of an efficient Optimised Maintenance model to deliver the right operational balance between proactive & reactive maintenance services.
  • A strategic asset lifecycle management tool focused on lower operating costs, increased asset availability and adding value for customers.
  • A built-in Scheduling Manager ensures regulatory compliance requirements are met, by enforcing predefined service intervals for specialised safety-critical assets (e.g: rigging; lighting).
  • Supervisors and technicians have full in-field visibility of asset histories, reactive & planned maintenance work orders, field service reports and inventory.
  • Electronic submission of work orders, timesheets and reports have replaced costly paper-based systems.
  • A secure audit trail documenting all performed asset maintenance tasks.
  • Fully integrated subcontractor management tools with resultant improved communication flows, higher work quality and productivity gains.
  • Comprehensive asset, maintenance & job data reporting for management  planning purposes.

Using Loc8 to Maintain Exceptional Asset Quality

The highly configurable Loc8 platform is a powerful asset-centric maintenance and field service solution, designed for asset owners and service providers alike.

Pinewood’s Operations team uses Loc8 as a key tool in their customer strategy. By utilising Loc8’s intuitive help desk capabilities coupled with its ‘live’ asset register, all asset faults, incidents and jobs that have been logged in Loc8 can be closely monitored and managed, to ensure mandatory service levels are always met.

The Operations team is able to seamlessly connect with subcontractors and field personnel, using Loc8’s intuitive web-based portals and dedicated mobile smartphone apps. Loc8’s total facilities maintenance solution empowers the Operations team to allocate work directly to supervisors in the field; the press of a button reassigns the work to an available technician’s mobile device.

Loc8 also allows the status and performance of each fault, incident and job to be easily tracked directly from service personnel’s mobile devices in the field. For Pinewood, this translates into optimal uptime of critical high-value film & TV assets, and ultimately assists their customers meet strict production deadlines and budgets.

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