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SmartPath has been a trusted leader in asset management software solutions for over a decade, continuously innovating to meet your evolving needs.


Jobs Created

Over 58 million job tasks have been created and tracked, ensuring seamless workflow management and efficient task completion.


Assets Stored

Managing over 8 million assets, SmartPath ensures optimal performance and maintenance of critical assets.

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A Tailored Solution to Suit…

Maintenance Teams

Software for maintenance teams SmartPath CMMS

Empower your maintenance teams with Loc8's robust asset management and maintenance solutions. Streamline work orders, preventive maintenance, and equipment management to ensure maximum uptime and efficiency.

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Operations Teams

Software for operations teams SmartPath CMMS

Enhance operational excellence with Loc8's comprehensive software suite. Manage your assets, workforce, and job scheduling seamlessly, ensuring smooth operations and timely project execution.

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Reliability Teams

Software for reliability teams SmartPath CMMS

Elevate asset reliability with Loc8's advanced reliability tools. Gain insights into asset performance, track maintenance histories, and implement predictive maintenance strategies to optimize asset lifecycles and reduce downtime.

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Cutting-Edge Solutions & Key Features

Discover our innovative solutions and powerful features designed to transform asset management and service delivery for organizations worldwide.

Streamline work order creation, assignment, and tracking with our intuitive system. Ensure tasks are efficiently executed, leading to increased productivity.

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Effectively oversee your assets' lifecycles with our comprehensive management tools. Gain insights and maximize the efficiency of your asset usage, maintenance, and overall performance.

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Proactively maintain your assets and minimize downtime through our comprehensive preventive maintenance solutions. Ensure smooth operations and extend the lifespan of critical assets.

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Harness the power of comprehensive data analytics and reporting to gain valuable insights into your organization's asset performance and maintenance operations. Make informed decisions and optimize your maintenance strategies.

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Access your asset management and maintenance tools on the go with our user-friendly mobile application. Stay connected with your team and manage tasks efficiently, even while on the move.

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Ensure adherence to industry standards and regulations with our safety and compliance solutions. Mitigate risks and maintain a safe working environment, fostering a culture of safety and responsibility.

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Discover Real-World Success Stories

See how organizations worldwide are achieving excellence in asset management and service delivery with SmartPath's innovative solutions. Discover real-world examples of our software in action.

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Rail Industry

By seamlessly integrating with our existing software, Loc8's rail-specific configuration proved to be the ideal solution to fulfill our customer's stringent demands.

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Managing more than 500 meters and handling over 36,000 jobs since 2019, Peritech and Loc8 have collaborated to provide an outstanding customer experience.

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Qld Parks & Wildlife

Assisting a State Government Organization in overseeing staff, maintaining assets, and preserving the natural environment.

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Sacred Heart Mission

Sacred Heart Mission, with Loc8 for nearly a decade, now benefits from robust reporting, spanning both reactive and preventive maintenance.

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Maximize Asset Management with Our Integrations

At SmartPath, we prioritize seamless integration with your favorite apps. Our carefully curated integrations are designed to enhance your asset management capabilities. Discover the power of streamlined asset management with Loc8 today.

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